Learn about the latest AdviceTech and what it can do for your business as well as financial advice as a whole.

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A short explainer of AI

While it seems to be everywhere, AI has been a long time coming. Learn why Bill Gates thinks that what is happening in AI just in the last 12 months is every bit as important as the PC, the PC with GUI, or the internet.

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Humans, machines and the rise of AI

Machines and humans have worked together for centuries and the new breed of supercomputers and AI are set to supercharge advice firms – staff productivity, business ingenuity, innovation and the client experience.

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Adopting AI into your practice today

Advanced technology platforms, AI and big data are converging and are ready to transform the advice industry. Understand the different ways advice firms can use AI in their practice today.

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High growth technologies and Netwealth's AdviceTech Adoption Framework

In the 2022 AdviceTech Report Netwealth examined the changing usage trends of AdviceTech through the lens of its newly developed AdviceTech Adoption framework.  In this framework they grouped technologies that have been adopted ...

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Staff satisfaction can be improved by better technology

Netwealth’s 2022 AdviceTech Report finds that staff satisfaction is linked to better technology adoption and greater client satisfaction follows, and by simplifying and integrating technology systems and the tech stack can improve ...

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Working from home has benefits but impacts collaboration

Due to the pandemic, one of the most noticeable changes to the AdviceTech landscape is the shift towards working from home or other remote working arrangements. This has a real impact on the technology staff use, with businesses ...

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AdviceTech Supplier Demos

Watch demonstrations from 15 local and global AdviceTech suppliers across customer engagement, digital marketing, financial advice and back-office technologies.

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Learn how to become an AdviceTech Star

Matt Heine leads a roundtable discussion with three AdviceTech Stars on how they plan, choose and deploy AviceTech in their business and which technologies have generated the greatest business and client benefits.

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Embracing AI: Practical next steps for advisers

For advisers willing to embrace AI the practical implications for their business can be very positive. Discover practical next steps you can follow to benefit from this technology.

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How advice documents are evolving with AI and lessons from an entrepreneur

Discover how financial advice documents are evolving with AdviceTech such as AI and machine learning from Joel Robbie, CEO and founder of Nod, as well as some lessons he's learnt on his start-up journey.

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The likely impacts of AI on your business and financial advice

Find out the true and likely impact of Artificial Intelligence on your business and learn how you can navigate and capitalise on any change from Joel Robbie, CEO of Nod.

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Learn the AdviceTech successful businesses are using

Take a detailed look at how the best advice firms adopt technology and use it to their advantage based on findings from the 2019 Netwealth AdviceTech research report.

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Enhancing client relationships with AdviceTech

AdviceTech can help to empower businesses to create, foster and maintain relationships with existing clients and prospective new ones. Find out the technology you should consider for your business.

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Creating a successful AdviceTech business

Find out the characteristics that set successful AdviceTech businesses apart from the industry overall and how you can emulate them.

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Building a successful AdviceTech stack

A successful AdviceTech stack has three tiers: foundation, optimising and future-forward. Discover the technologies that belong in each.

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How advisers can ready themselves for artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is coming but advisers shouldn't be afraid. Joel Robbie, founder and CEO of Nod, explains the opportunities this technology can present and what you can do to prepare yourself and your business for this revolution.

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5 ways to make the most of cash flow and budgeting technology

Hear from Peter Malekas, founder and Managing Director of Moneysoft, and Chris Ridd, CEO of myprosperity, as they share their tips on how to successfully implement cash flow and budgeting technology into a financial advice firm.

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Scale up your practice with scaled advice

Scaled advice can be the on-ramp to comprehensive advice, says Julian Plummer from Midwinter Financial Services. Discover the many benefits of scaled advice and how it can assist in keeping clients in your ecosystem.

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How client feedback can change your advice business for the better

When was the last time you booked a hotel or a restaurant without checking out the online reviews on TripAdvisor or Wotif? The internet provides the ultimate survey sample for real life feedback and reviews, and there’s no ...

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RegTech: Enabling better compliance, faster

With an underlying engine based on machine learning and natural language processing, RegTech is set to revolutionise risk management and compliance in the financial advice industry. Matt Heine speaks to Samantha Clarke from Advice ...

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Moving from visual to virtual communications

Advice businesses report a growing appetite for virtual online meetings, an advicetech they are embracing keenly. The next step to this are virtual realities, with imagery and experience set to take centre stage in communication ...

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Big data, big opportunities

Big data sources such as financial institutions, Government and increasingly social media all have an influential role to play in how and what information is available to advisers. Even today, signs are emerging the advice industry ...

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Customer profiling gets a revamp

Customer profiling technologies are undergoing a revolution, helping to create a more frictionless advice experience for customers. Here we look at what is in store for this vital part of the advice process, what is being used now, ...

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Understanding scaled advice

Scaled advice can help advisers make advice accessible to more Australians and keep clients within their ecosystem. Julian Plummer, co-founder and managing director of Midwinter explains more.

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The influence of artificial intelligence in investment management

Get a better grip on what artificial intelligence (AI) and the impact it could have on investing, advice and other industries. Jason Winderbaum, regional head at Sanlam Global Investments explains.

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Four considerations when implementing cash flow and budgeting tools

Cash flow and budgeting technology can give you a more holistic view of your client's wealth, allowing you to deliver more effective advice. Peter Malekas of Moneysoft shares four components of this technology to consider before ...

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Consumer reviews - an essential tool for your marketing arsenal

Hear how consumer reviews can be harnessed as a marketing tool and help you identify areas to enhance your service. Angus Woods, managing director and founder of Adviser Ratings, discusses.

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Advice RegTech: smarter, faster, better

Hear from Samantha Clarke, CEO and co-founder of Advice RegTech, on how RegTech is helping advisers with their risk management and compliance, meaning they can spend more time with clients and less time on paperwork.

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New reports, greater control over managed account trading limits, participation in class actions and more

Platform updates - May 2018. A new client report is available and more are coming soon, set minimum trade sizes by the percentage of total dollars invested in a managed account, view the general guidelines for end of financial ...

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Why advice businesses shouldn’t be afraid of AI

Artificial intelligence technology combined with a human touch may just be a turning point for advice businesses—saving time on tasks that can be automated frees advisers up for real customer engagement. Hear from two AdviceTech ...

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How cash flow and budgeting tech can boost your business

This technology may be the key to advisers engaging customers with their finances—providing the tech to make it part of their everyday digital experience by tracking spending and savings can make the difference between them meeting ...

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Platforms - the original fintech

Platforms continue to evolve as specialist providers gain a bigger slice of the pie. It’s being reshaped as more advisers obtain their own AFSL or join smaller licensees, as well as by regulation, consumer expectations and technology ...

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Frictionless advice in the future

Customers are increasingly expecting the frictionless experiences they get from companies like Google and Amazon in all parts of their lives. Here, we look at how the advice process will be significantly shaped by technology.

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Are you doing enough to protect your client’s data?

A poorly managed security issue compromises your credibility and breaks trust with clients who depend on you to manage their money. Find out which cyber incidents are impacting the industry, and how you can protect against them.

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Cyber security: Peace of mind in a digital world

According to the latest research, 45% of financial advisers had experienced a cyber incident last year. Julian Plummer, founder of Kamino, delves into why cyber security is a very real issue for financial advisers and their clients.

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AdviceTech set to open doors for advice

Netwealth Joint Managing Director Matt Heine shares what innovations from Silicon Valley are likely to impact the Australian financial advice experience. 

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Advisers hold high hopes for technology

AdviceTech has the hopes of the advice industry on its shoulders to help tackle perennial issues such as consumer perceptions and accessibility. Can it live up to the hype?

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AdviceTech’s changing their status

A handful of front office AdviceTech tools are set to quickly change their status from emerging technologies to mainstream. Here are the five key technologies advisers said they are looking to implement in their business by 2019.

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How to enhance your business with AdviceTech

Automating processes, focusing on the customer experience and taking advantage of external expertise is saving advisers time and enabling them to enhance their business proposition - find out which technologies advisers are using.

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Purpose built business with technology

Having recently established his financial planning business, Forwood Planning, John Forwood highlights the importance of technology when optimising business processes within smaller scaled advice practices. 

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Remote but super connected

Shaun Clements founder of North of River Financial, implements cutting edge technology into his processes and practice to keep relevant and accessible to his (predominantly generation X and Y) clients.

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AdviceTech – toys or tools?

Sebastian Mazza, founder of Wealth Depot is passionate about  providing innovative wealth management solutions. He believes the relationship between advisers and tech is a predominantly positive one, but is yet ...

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Humans and machines

This report provides a detailed examination of the role artificial intelligence (AI) and adjacent technologies will have for advice firms. We draw on extensive research to provide areas of focus, detailed examples and useful tips so you can deploy AI successfully into your practice today.

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