2020 AdviceTech Supplier Demos

Hear from local and global suppliers of AdviceTech on how to use their technology for the benefit of your business and clients.

AdviceTech Expo: Learn the features and benefits of selected AdviceTech

Watch the supplier demonstrations from the Netwealth 2020 AdviceTech Expo to learn from 15 local and global AdviceTech suppliers across customer engagement, digital marketing, financial advice and back-office technology, as they share the key features of their technology and how it will benefit your business and clients.

Discover the most popular AdviceTech suppliers

In the Netwealth 2020 AdviceTech Suppliers Guide, find out which AdviceTech suppliers are the most popular with advice practices and understand the key features and benefits of 24 different AdviceTech categories.

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Watch the demonstrations from our 2020 AdviceTech Expo

Watch the recordings from the 2020 AdviceTech Expo and access the presentation slides through the links below.




Scaling your investment processes

Netwealth's Camilla Banasiak shares how to efficiently & cost-effectively implement & manage clients portfolios.

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Marketing to your ideal clients

LinkedIn's Louise Wilson shares how you can be using the LinkedIn platform to advertise to, reach and engage your ideal target client.

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Leveraging behavioural economics to better profile your clients

Capital Preference's Bernard Del Rey shares how advisers can profile clients to understand their unique preferences.

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The power of big data to drive client relationships & business growth

Xeppo's Paul Campbell shares how advisers can use integrated data to manage client relationships & drive business opportunities.

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Reducing time on advice documentation 

Nod's Joel Robbie shares how advisers are using tech to reduce the time & cost of generating advice documentation.

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The benefits of joining an adviser network

XY Adviser's Clayton Daniel shares the benefits & advantages of being a part of an online adviser-only network.

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Evolving your value proposition with scaled advice

Midwinter's Andrew Whelan shares how scaled (or 'episodic') advice can help advice firms evolve their value proposition.

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Using online virtual presentations to engage your clients

LogMeIn's Sandra Thoms, shares how advisers can use webinars to engage and build deep connections with their audience.

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Maximising your social media with Hootsuite

Hootsuite's Gunnar Habitz shares how advisers can use social media to better engage with their clients.

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How smart technology improves advice generation with Padua

Padua's Matthew Esler shares how the Padua platform combines artificial intelligence (AI) with human intelligence (HI) for the benefit of advice generation.

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Estate planning advice at scale with Yodal

Yodal's Brandon Thompson shares the benefits of implementing an estate planning offering.

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Delivering an enterprise wealth solution with WealthConnect

CreativeMass' Michael Rouse, explores the benefits of the WealthConnect platform & its integration with Salesforce.

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Leveraging research & data to meet best interest duty with Lonsec

Lonsec's Chris Schroder shares how advisers can meet best interest duty & produce quality advice using the iRate® research tools.

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Building an online reputation & digital footprint with Adviser Ratings

Adviser Rating's Mark Hoven shares how the Adviser Ratings platform can be used to grow your digital footprint for better lead generation, client retention and community reputation.

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Enabling a remote workforce & maximising team collaboration with Microsoft

Microsoft's Reece Gallagher & Neil Rough share how Microsoft Teams helps businesses more effectively work remotely and collaboratively. 

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Understand the Australian advice technology landscape

The fourth Netwealth AdviceTech research report explores what the most commonly used technologies are in advice firms and how leading businesses are approaching the investment and planning of their AdviceTech stack.

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2020 Netwealth AdviceTech report

Explore how leading businesses approach the task of planning & investing in AdviceTech.

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2020 AdviceTech Suppliers guide

Find out which AdviceTech suppliers are the most popular and understand key features and benefits for advice firms.

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Fast-track your AdviceTech roadmap

A workshop designed to help you prioritise technology against business objectives to develop an AdviceTech roadmap for your business.

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AdviceTech demos & events

Watch our AdviceTech presentations including a roundtable event with AdviceTech Stars & demos from 15 local & global AdviceTech suppliers.

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