2020 Netwealth AdviceTech Report

Discover how the star advice firms use AdviceTech in their business and for their clients.

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Discover how the star advice firms are using AdviceTech to support their business and clients

The range and sophistication of AdviceTech available to financial advice practices to support business efficiency and deliver a better client experience continues to expand.

In the fourth Netwealth AdviceTech Report we explore how leading businesses approach the task of planning and investing in AdviceTech to support their activities. Specifically, we consider:

Why AdviceTech Stars are so successful

Learn how the best advice firms use AdviceTech to improve client engagement & business health, & deliver better advice.

AdviceTech's role in removing friction and delivering exceptional client experiences

As more consumer behaviours shift online, understand how to revolutionise your clients' experiences.

How AdviceTech supports a remote and distributed workforce

Explore how the best prepared advice firms were set up to deal with disruption even before the pandemic began.

Capitalising on new revenue streams and opportunities

Examine where leading advice practices plan to invest in generating new business opportunities & revenue streams.


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AdviceTech Suppliers Guide

Find out which AdviceTech suppliers are the most popular

Take a deep dive into 24 different AdviceTech categories to understand key suppliers, important features, their benefits, as well as the current and intended use amongst advice firms.


Access our latest technology insights to understand what technology can do for your business

The future direction of financial advice platforms

Michael Blomfield, CEO of leading wealth management research firm Investment Trends, shares what direction platforms & financial advice may take based on insights from financial advisers. 

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What life really looks like with managed accounts

We speak to advisers and experts as to how managed accounts are transforming advice, with a particular focus on how they improve customer engagement and business efficiencies.

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Managing culture, clients and technology with Andrew Rutherford

With the advice industry working virtually, discover innovative ways to help maintain meaningful client relationships and what to look for in a new CRM from Andrew Rutherford, COO at Koda Capital.

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How advice documents are evolving with AI

Discover how financial advice documents are evolving with AdviceTech such as AI and machine learning from Joel Robbie, CEO of Nod, as well as some lessons he's learnt on his start-up journey.

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Innovation workshop

Fast-track your AdviceTech roadmap

Are you one of the 81.3 per cent of advice firms that do not have a clearly documented 12-month technology roadmap?

Netwealth has designed this 90-minute workshop to help you and your team prioritise technology solutions against business objectives to develop your business' AdviceTech roadmap.

Recent events

Learn how to become an AdviceTech Star

The Netwealth 2020 AdviceTech Research Report investigates how the most effective adopters of AdviceTech, known as AdviceTech Stars, use technology that brings tangible benefits to themselves and their clients.

In this webinar, Netwealth's Matt Heine leads a roundtable discussion with three AdviceTech Stars, Vincent O’Neill from Stanford Brown, Dan Rake from Freedom Finance Australia and Shane Nicholas from Innate Wealth, who share how to plan, choose and deploy AdviceTech in their business.

Hear from Matt and the panellists on:

  • The technologies that can generate the greatest business and client benefits
  • Practical tips to successfully plan, choose and deploy AdviceTech in your business
  • What your business should consider when developing your own AdviceTech roadmap
  • AdviceTech's role in removing friction and delivering exceptional client experiences
  • Other key insights from the 2020 AdviceTech Report

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AdviceTech Supplier Demos

Watch demonstrations from 15 local and global AdviceTech suppliers across customer engagement, digital marketing, financial advice and back-office technologies, as they present on the key features of their technology and how it will benefit your business and clients.

In the supplier demos you will:

  • Gain practical knowledge of the features and benefits of 15 different advice technologies
  • Explore business use cases examining the successful adoption and use of AdviceTech
  • Have the opportunity to ask the suppliers questions about their technology and how it could help your advice business

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Discover the possibilities

Access the latest technology and innovations with Netwealth. Our focus is on ease and efficiency, which means we give you and your clients enormous capabilities without the complexity.

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More AdviceTech resources


Download the AdviceTech Suppliers Guide

Find out which AdviceTech suppliers are the most popular and understand key features and benefits for advice firms.

Download the guide

Fast-track your AdviceTech roadmap

A workshop designed to help you prioritise technology against business objectives to develop an AdviceTech roadmap for your business.

Access the workshop

A logo map of technology suppliers

Your guide to AdviceTech suppliers across 25 categories, as featured in the Netwealth 2020 AdviceTech Report.