Learn how to become an
AdviceTech Star

Roundtable discussion hosted by Matt Heine and joined by three wealth professionals.

Date: 27 August 2020

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About this presentation

The Netwealth 2020 AdviceTech Research Report investigates how the most effective adopters of AdviceTech, known as AdviceTech Stars, use technology that brings tangible benefits to themselves and their clients.

In this webinar, Netwealth's Matt Heine leads a roundtable discussion with three AdviceTech Stars, Vincent O’Neill from Stanford Brown, Dan Rake from Freedom Finance Australia and Shane Nicholas from Innate Wealth, who share how to plan, choose and deploy AdviceTech in their business.

This webinar covers:

  • The technologies that can generate the greatest business and client benefits
  • Practical tips to successfully plan, choose and deploy AdviceTech in your business
  • What your business should consider when developing your own AdviceTech roadmap
  • AdviceTech's role in removing friction and delivering exceptional client experiences
  • Other key insights from the 2020 AdviceTech Report


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