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Technical guide: Outside the super square

Lessons in leadership, management and family advisory

David Smorgon OAM, CEO of Pointmade, shares his learnings from his experiences with family-owned companies and saving the Western Bulldogs football club.

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The human dimension of family business succession planning

Learn the skills to play an effective part in family-business succession planning.

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How to transition family-owned business

Learn from David Smorgon OAM, CEO of Pointmade, as he guides you through the process of transitioning a family-owned business, sharing his experiences from Smorgon Consolidated Industries, one of Australia’s largest family businesses.

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How to build an offer for Gen X&Y

Gen X&Y will soon make up a majority of the Australian workforce. Discover what your offering should look like if you want to attract more of this demographic.

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Advised v DIY investors - Who are better off?

Discover some interesting findings about advised and DIY investments, and how generational gaps play a part in decision making.

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Human interaction key to investment advice

Despite the emergence of robo-advice, Australian investors still value face-to-face advice and have a strong-ended view that this is a human process. Here's why.

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Attract, retain and advise Gen X&Y clients

Explore the changes your business can make to better attract, retain and advise the Gen X&Y market with Steve Crawford, founder of The Advice Movement

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Selecting the right type of account for your stage of life

There are many types of accounts to help you save for retirement. Selecting the right one can depend on your stage of life. You can choose to invest in a SMSF, accumulation account, transition to retirement pension or a standard ...

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The differences between super funds and SMSFs

Learn about the differences between super funds and SMSFs. Each fund differs in the way they manage compliance, regulations, and protection from loss or fraud. They also differ in their offerings, including investment choice, online ...

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Is this the end for SMSFs?

Various changes over the past several years have impacted SMSFs. This webinar explores the factors and circumstances in which the benefits of SMSFs may be outweighed by regulatory burdens and the general costs of maintaining one.

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2019 Federal Budget summary

We've summarised the 2019 Federal Budget into key findings and changes that are likely to be most relevant for financial advisers and their clients.

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Four light bulb strategies for super

Explore strategies to capitalise on the first home owners super saving scheme (FHSSS), the small business CGT concessions (SBCGT) and the additional “death taxes” that may be created by insurance payouts in super.

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What will the 2019 Federal Budget announcement mean for you?

Netwealth's Head of Technical Services, Keat Chew, analyses the 2019 Budget announcement to determine key action points for financial advisers and their clients.

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Best interests duty - five years on

Hear the implications of the best interests duty for advisers in-depth with Claire Wivell Plater, Chairman of The Fold Legal. She looks at this in light of a number of ASIC regulatory interventions and the current Royal Commission.

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Are you still acting in the best interest of your clients?

A recap of the best interest duty which came into effect on 1 July 2013 and a look into what constitutes to ‘act in the best interests of the client’ and to ‘prioritise the client’s interests’.

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The future of best interest duty

Claire Wivell Plater from the Fold Legal shares her her thoughts on the future of grandfathered commissions, vertical integration, conflicted remuneration and more. 

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Taking advice to all Australians

Bernie Ripoll, author of the Ripoll Report, outlines some of the challenges he sees facing the industry and urges financial planners to begin preparing for them now as the industry enters an era of massive disruption and change.

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The do’s and don'ts of estate planning

Anna Hacker, estate planning specialist, discusses some of the do’s and don'ts for advisers when it comes to estate planning services and why it’s important to put estate planning into your advice conversation.

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The transfer of trust: Effective estate planning for financial advisers

Learn the essentials of offering estate planning with Anna Hacker, estate planning national manager at Australian Unity. Find out how it can help advisers understand their clients better and why they are vital in any financial plan.

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Top ten estate planning tips

A will is really nothing more than a delivery device. It is there to ensure that the deceased's assets are delivered to desired recipients. A good will cannot replace good financial planning but, good financial planning can be for ...

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What will estate planning look like in 2020?

Small tax increases on superannuation earnings and lump sum payments are some of the estate planning changes that could be just around the corner according to Netwealth technical services head Keat Chew.

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Legislative changes to impact retirement streams

Advisers helping clients develop solutions for retirement income will be able to deploy “new tools from their kitbag” due to changes to the means testing of lifetime income streams, according to Andrew Lowe, Head of Technical Services ...

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Super contributions: New rules and key issues for June 30

Learn the new superannuation contribution rules you should be aware of and understand how they could affect your super savings. Nigel Smith, Netwealth technical consultant, discusses ahead of June 30, 2018.

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How are advisers faring with the new super changes?

Months on from teh super changes, Netwealth’s Head of Technical Keat Chew shines the light on what advisers are talking to him about, the issues and the tips.

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