Advising to Generation Y - The Emerging Affluent

Presented by Andrew Braun, Netwealth's General Manager of Marketing


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About this presentation

The Emerging Affluent are younger, well-educated, mostly professional Advisable Australians who have tremendous potential as financial advice clients, both now and in the future.

  • Today there are 1.5 million of them who control about $2.2 trillion of household wealth*.
  • 70.0% are Generation Y, with an average age of 37. Not surprisingly they are tech early adopters.
  • Four in 10, use a financial adviser today with another 5 in 10 likely or possible to seek advice soon.
  • Almost half are looking to build or diversify their investment portfolio in the next 3 years.


In this presentation, hear from Andrew Braun, Netwealth's General Manager of Marketing, as he provides a playbook on how to attract, manage and retain this important future market, who are very unlike Baby Boomer clients. Andrew takes you through:

  1. A profile of The Emerging Affluent - Get a holistic view of The Emerging Affluent beyond basic demographics of age, occupation and household wealth. Understand wealth characteristics, such as financial capacity, literacy and wellbeing, and learn about their usage of technology and attitudes when making purchase decisions.
  2. Marketing to acquire The Emerging Affluent: Learn the most appropriate tactics to market and enhance your brand proposition to acquire them.
  3. Tailoring your advice proposition to The Emerging Affluent: Learn how to tailor your advice and service proposition to The Emerging Affluent, with a consideration of their technology and communication preferences.


*Netwealth The Advisable Australian Report 2021


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