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Advising to Generation Y - The Emerging Affluent

Discover a playbook on how to attract, manage and retain the Emerging Affluent - younger, well-educated, mostly professional Advisable Australians with tremendous advice potential.

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Designing a Client Experience that Drives Growth with Julie Littlechild - The Emerging Affluent

Learn the fundamental truths about client experience from internationally recognised speaker, author, Founder and CEO of Absolute Engagement, Julie Littlechild.

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How segmenting your client base can make your business better with Simon Hoyle - The Emerging Affluent

Join Simon Hoyle, Head of Market Insight at CoreData Research, to learn new ways to understand, profile and segment your client database using a holistic view of how clients think and behave.

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Constructing the Right Advice Fee Model to match the Emerging Affluent with Rob Jones

Rob Jones, Co-Founder and Principal Consultant at Peloton, shares advice strategies for advice practices to extract latent value out of their financial advice and wealth business by creating a dynamic pricing model that matches ...

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Four megatrends coming to responsible investing

Decarbonisation, food, housing, and electric vehicles are four major themes in the world of responsible investment. Find out how to gain exposure to these megatrends and integrate them into a responsible investment portfolio.

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The case for responsible investing

The case for responsible investing is growing, with growth opportunities abounding for investors. In this feature we explore the how advisers can better understand responsible investing and how to go about setting an investment ...

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Safe, ethical and confident: How to build an advice offering for female investors

From ethical investing to insurance and budgeting advice, there’s plenty of room for advisers to make a difference when building out an offering for this key segment of the market.

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Above and beyond: how client experience is key to building women’s wealth

Netwealth’s latest research shows that many women are considering using a financial adviser, but building an attractive offering goes beyond just the advice itself to the types of conversations professionals have and digital tools ...

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The Emerging Affluent Woman

Many members of Gen Y and Z have money and they want to know how to spend it. Here’s what the female Emerging Affluent want and need.

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Developing advice tailored for women: why the time is now

They are increasingly making financial decisions, are at the receiving end of wealth transfers and are growing in affluence. Women are increasingly becoming a business opportunity for forward thinking advice practices.

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