The Advisable Australian

A new way to think about Australian investors

Welcome to the Advisable Australian, Volume 1
A new way to think about Australian investors. 


In this industry-first report we explore what wealth means for The Advisable Australian through multiple dimensions that encompass their Financial Capability, Financial Resilience and Financial Wellbeing. By using this broader definition of wealth and then considering their relationship with technology and their brand attitudes, we developed a more holistic picture of what investors in Australia look like, and how they behave.

This report is designed to help financial advice businesses better understand investors, segment their target audience and enhance their advice value proposition. Read this report to get an understanding of:


  • In-depth overview of The Advisable Australian six dimensions - The six key dimensions are: Financial Capability, Financial Resilience, Financial Wellbeing, Advice Propensity, Technology adoption and Brand Affinity. Learn how each dimension is defined in detail, find out why each dimension matters, get key statistics on which audiences are more likely to be impacted.  
  • Using the six dimensions to enhance your marketing: Learn how to take advantage of the six dimensions in your segmentation and marketing strategies to grow your client base.
  • Using the six dimensions to personalise your advice proposition: Learn how to tailor your advice and service offer to Australian investors based on an understanding of the six dimensions of The Advisable Australian

The Advisable Australian Survey which is the basis for these reports was conducted by CoreData and in field from September 28 to October 10, 2020, and received 1,012 valid responses consisting of 618 responses from those ‘currently advised’ by a financial adviser, 235 ‘never advised’ and 159 ‘previously advised.

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