With change comes your chance to innovate

A collection of guides and articles designed to help you tackle the changing environment with innovation.

Thinking about the future? 

This rapidly evolving financial advice industry gives you a chance to do things differently – whether it be enhancing efficiency via new technology, re-evaluating a business proposition, or revisiting a current business structure.

We’ve developed a suite of resources to help you navigate this changing landscape – our Change/Chance Series. This selection of guides and articles delve into topics that are front of mind for advisers, now.

Learn how to clearly and succinctly articulate the reasons clients should engage your services or invest in the products you recommend.

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Identify the key criteria for assessing which dealer group you should join, and why price should be the least important factor.

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Benefits, challenges and tips for businesses looking to self-licence, along with how to to apply for your own AFSL.

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With change comes the chance to deliver better client outcomes

In March 2019 we toured Australia with Challenger and Invesco Consulting to present superannuation, retirement and communication strategies to over 650 advisers.

Discover some of the different thinking that was shared from the event.


Strategic planning resources

Your clients need to understand what you do, the benefits of your advice, the quality of the financial products and services you offer, and how these products and services align with their needs and preferences. These resources explore how to create your value proposition, and how you can expand and evolve it to meet your client's needs. 


Why you need a compelling value proposition

To succeed in any business you need to clearly and succinctly articulate the reasons clients should engage your services or invest in the products you recommend.

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How to articulate the value your business delivers to clients

We explore the key questions you should ask yourself when building your value proposition to ensure  your areas of expertise intersect with your clients’ needs and problems.

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How to write a compelling value proposition

Step-by-step guide to writing a statement that articulates your value clearly and concisely - exploring the format to present it in and how to ensure it's authentic and appeals to your audience. 

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Taking financial advice to the whole family with at-home and at-school solutions

Advice can extend beyond its adult clients to help future generations of Australian kids become financially capable. Here are six tools which advisers can align themselves to.

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Technology to enhance business efficiency

Technological advances and changes in consumer expectations have led to new solutions that are helping advisers improve client engagement, ease compliance burden and realise new efficiencies. Explore the different AdviceTech making waves in the financial advice industry.


Executive guide to managed accounts

Understand the role managed accounts can play in your business and the important factors to consider prior to their implementation.

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2019 AdviceTech Research Report

Understand the tech gaining traction and benchmark your business against your peers using usage rates across 26 AdviceTech categories.

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Platforms - the original fintech

Platforms continue to evolve as specialist providers gain a bigger slice of the pie. Understand the trends shaping the industry.

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Why advice businesses shouldn’t be afraid of AI

Artificial intelligence technology combined with a human touch may just be a turning point for advice businesses.

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With change comes your chance to use award winning technology

In this changing financial advice landscape comes your chance to access the latest technology and innovations. Discover the #1 ranked platform for functionality and overall user satisfaction*.

Netwealth adviser solutions

Licencing options for advisers

With shifts in customer expectations and technology disruption, some advice businesses are considering new licencing arrangements. Here we explore the challenges and benefits of different licensee structures.


Cultural compatibility is key when choosing a new dealer group

Once you've assessed your business compatibility with a dealer group in terms of products, market positioning and your client type, ensure you then delve deeper into questions of personal and cultural compatibility.

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How to decide if self-licensing is right for your business

The decision to become self-licensed should not be made lightly - here are some benefits and challenges that come with obtaining your own AFSL.

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Price – the least important factor when choosing a new dealer group

Too often advisers choose to join a dealer group based on the sole criterion of price, however it is invariably a short-sighted perspective - we explore why.

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Applying for an AFSL? Here’s what you need to know

We outline key questions to ask yourself before delving into your AFSL application and also provide an overview of what to expect from the application process. 

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Why more advisers are turning to self-licensing

More advisers have set up AFSLs than the number of new advisers entering the market, showing a trend towards self-licencing. Here are the perks that come with self-licencing that are contributing to this trend.

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Where will you be in 2025? Criteria to consider when choosing a new dealer group

If you've made the decision to join a new dealer group you'll need to carefully consider this range of criteria in terms of what’s important to you in a new, compatible ‘home’.

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Simple and effective marketing techniques for advice practices

How to grow your client base and keep your existing clients using these simple and effective marketing tactics.


Removing customer friction from the financial advice process

If you're competing against the world’s customer experience experts, what can you learn from them about removing friction? And how can you apply that to your advice practice?

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How a busy financial adviser can turn limited time into marketing success

Simple yet powerful techniques to help you develop a marketing strategy and tactics to grow and retain your customer base.

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How client feedback can change your advice business for the better

When was the last time you booked a restaurant without viewing online reviews? Learn about the power of online reviews.

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Why the customer journey is so important for business

How can you match the world’s customer experience experts? A starting point is to understand the customer journey of your typical advice customer.

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