International securities

With Netwealth's super and investment accounts, you and your clients can invest in a range of securities, available on multiple international exchanges.

Stock exchanges

Available stock exchanges

Invest online in approved securities from multiple global stock exchanges using our Wealth or Super Accelerator Plus accounts.


Stock exchange   Location   Approved securities and costs
NYSE   USA   Download PDF
NASDAQ   USA   Download PDF
LSE   UK   Download PDF
TSX   Canada   Download PDF
Euronext Paris   France   Download PDF
Deutsche Boerse   Germany   Download PDF
Euronext Amsterdam   Netherlands   Download PDF
TSE   Japan   Download PDF
HKE   Hong Kong   Download PDF
SIX   Switzerland   Download PDF

Fees and costs

Transparent international fee structure

When buying and selling international securities on behalf of clients, there are a number of additional fees to be aware of.


Click below to see the various fees:

You will incur a $25 share settlement fee for each trade (buy or sell).

Your chosen international stockbroker may charge a brokerage fee for each trade (buy or sell). This fee will be passed on to you and deducted from your cash account at the time that Netwealth settles the trade on your behalf. The rate of brokerage for each broker is shown on the ‘International securities instruction’ form.

You may incur additional costs (for example local stamp duties or commissions) for trades on certain international exchanges. These costs will be deducted from your account. The costs are outlined in the ‘Approved securities and costs’ document available above.

US research

Analyst consensus, blogger sentiment and internal trading

We have partnered with TipRanks to provide access to research on all major shares listed on US markets. This allows you to see the buy, sell and hold recommendations for major US stocks and view consensus price targets.

You will also have access to trending US stocks based on analyst recommendations, blogger sentiments and the latest hedge fund and insider transactions.



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