Investing your super ethically with Super Accelerator Plus

Add ethical investments to your portfolio with Netwealth Super Accelerator Plus, a superannuation product with multiple investment options backed by powerful reporting and trading tools.

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Ethical investment options

Investing in ethically responsible ETFs and Managed Funds

With Netwealth Super Accelerator Plus you can invest your super in a selection of ethically responsible investments from professional fund managers that consider the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) impact of their investments.

These investments may avoid companies that are involved in fossil fuels, alcohol, tobacco, gambling, military weapons and civilian firearms, nuclear power and adult entertainment.

View the latest list of Super Accelerator Plus managed funds holding the highest Morningstar Sustainability Rating (5 globes) and/or a Low Carbon Designation, accurate as of the date this page was published.

Getting started

How to join Netwealth*

Open your account

Once you have read the Super Accelerator PDS, complete an online application with your relevant details and selecting an accumulation or pension account.

Consolidate your super

You can transfer some or all monies from any existing super account. You may choose to do this during the application process or online once your account has been set up.

Update your employer

If you would like, you can ask your employer to pay your employee super contributions into your Netwealth account.

Start Investing

Once you have cash in your Netwealth account you can make your first investments in your super portfolio.


* The information provided here is general information on how to open a Netwealth account, it does not consider whether the product or service meets your individual objectives, financial situation or needs.  It assumes you have read the Product Disclosure Statement and it is recommended that you consider consulting a financial adviser before making any investment decision. For more information regarding the target market for Netwealth products, please refer to the relevant Target Market Determination available under the ‘Support’ tab > ‘Forms & Documents’ page of this site.

Investment options

One superannuation account, multiple investment options

Super Accelerator Plus offers an extensive range of investment opportunities both within Australia and overseas.

ASX listed securities

Invest online in ASX listed securities - including all company shares, ETFs, AREITs, LICs, income securities and certain warrants, options and IPOs.

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Invest online in companies such as Nike, Nestle, Apple and many more. Choose from a range of securities listed on multiple international exchanges, including NYSE, NASDAQ and the LSE.

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Invest online in professionally managed multi- sector, diversified and international investment portfolios. Access all the benefits of managed accounts with these models.

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When combined with Netwealth Accelerator Core accounts, these Global specialist funds enable the construction of diversified investment portfolios that are cost-effective. GSS funds invest in quality managers with strong track records.

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Choose from over 300 managed funds in multiple investment categories, asset classes and managers, many at wholesale prices. Select from a range of passive or index and active managers.

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Choose term deposits of differing maturity lengths from a range of leading Australian banks.

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Receive an investor reward of 0.10% per year of the value of the money held in funds on the Investor Rewards Menu. Currently the Menu has over 45 managed funds from 25+ managers.

Online tools

Manage your super your way

Change the way you look at your wealth with our online platform. With access to your financial portfolio anywhere, you can control your super your way.

Portfolio management tools

Buy, sell and track your investments and manage your super in one central, online place. Manage your savings, deposits and/or super contributions, set up an income and/or pension plan, get notified of important account activities and use more sophisticated features like dollar cost averaging and reinvestment plans.

Performance reports

Monitor the performance of your portfolio, view your asset allocation and get visibility over many other aspects of your account via our comprehensive suite of portfolio reports.

Investment research tools

Access a library of resources from our partners to help you better research, manage and understand your investments. These resources include a daily finance and economic email, access to ASX data, charting and watchlists, the latest analysis of selected US securities and research from on over 300 managed funds.

Cash transaction listing

Drill down and view the details of every transaction that impacts your cash account in seconds. Immediately see dividends and other income, fees, taxes, contributions, and other flows in and out of your account.


More information

Want more information on Super Accelerator Plus? Our resources section has a wide selection of information that will assist you in understanding our products and services. You should read the disclosure documents before deciding to invest.

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