Managed accounts:
Going the Distance

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As financial markets continue to evolve, the needs and expectations of your clients shift as well. Managed accounts have moved from being a niche offering to a mainstream financial tool with $144.5 billion under management as of December 2022.

In this whitepaper, we guide you through the process of implementing managed accounts, providing insights, case studies, and actionable strategies to start you on your managed account journey.


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Section 1

Moving from an idea to reality


In this section, four advisory firms share their rationale behind their decision to embrace managed accounts, as we delve into the why of managed accounts.

Efficiency: Reduce administrative burdens and streamline operations.

Responsiveness: Adapt to market changes in real-time.

Client centricity: Tailor portfolios to individual client needs.

Section 2

Setting up your managed account


Adopting managed accounts can be a complex yet rewarding journey. In this whitepaper we consider a six-step strategic roadmap plus two case studies to help guide you.

Section 3

Managing the transition 


Moving to a managed account is a multi-faceted endeavour that requires staff and client buy-in. We explore how you can empower staff and manage client expectations.

Staff training: Equip your team with the skills they need.

Client communication: Develop a comprehensive strategy for existing clients.

Rollout plan: Sequence the transition for optimal outcomes.

New clients: Tailor your message for new client acquisition.


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