Netwealth 2019 AdviceTech Report

Based on research conducted in March 2019 by Netwealth with Australian wealth professionals.

Welcome to the 2019 Netwealth AdviceTech research report - a report designed for the Australian advice industry and technology companies that support it.

The third Netwealth AdviceTech research report highlights the key benefits of adopting technology intelligently within an advice business.

In this year's report we share the survey findings from over 330 advisers on 26 technologies. You will learn:

  • Key findings - 13 AdviceTech trends relevant for any advice business
  • What a successful AdviceTech business looks like - Learn how to emulate the best users of technology and the technology they use
  • AdviceTech in detail - For each of 26 AdviceTech categories, learn their benefits and most popular suppliers.

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