Netwealth 2019 AdviceTech Report

In this report we examine the twenty-six technologies used by advisers in their practice – their adoption, benefits and popular suppliers.

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Discover the technology successful advice businesses are using

The third Netwealth AdviceTech Report highlights the key benefits of adopting technology intelligently within an advice business, and the benefits for clients and advisers alike. Beyond benchmarking 26 technologies, in this year’s report we pay special consideration to regularly discussed questions amongst advice practices:

Section 1: Key findings from the report

What are the latest adoption trends and which AdviceTech is set have a major impact?

Section 2: The successful AdviceTech business

What AdviceTech do successful businesses use and how do they approach technology?

Section 3: AdviceTech in detail

What are the benefits of each AdviceTech and who are the most popular suppliers?


AdviceTech trends in 60 seconds

Learn important AdviceTech insights for your business, such as popular engagement tools and traits of successful AdviceTech businesses, in these one-minute videos.

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Video: Are you using AdviceTech to engage with prospects and clients?
Find out what AdviceTech advisers are using to build better relationships with their clients.




Video: What are the traits of a successful AdviceTech business?
Learn the characteristics of the best businesses that give them an AdviceTech edge.




Video: How will AdviceTech shape the next 5 years of financial advice?
Discover the technologies that are set to have a major impact on advice in the future. 


Innovation workshop

Develop your own AdviceTech roadmap

This 90-minute team activity has been designed to help you prioritise technology solutions and develop an AdviceTech roadmap that will have a meaningful impact for your business.

With change comes your chance to use award winning technology

In this changing financial advice landscape comes your chance to access the latest technology and innovations. Discover the #1 ranked platform for functionality and overall user satisfaction*.

Adviser solutions


Lessons from successful AdviceTech businesses

Learn how to use AdviceTech to your advantage and match it with the best in the industry.

Building an effective AdviceTech stack

We've developed a framework to help pinpoint the tech your business should be using.

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Creating a successful AdviceTech business

Discover the attitude, investment and strategy it takes to build a successful business with AdviceTech.

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Enhancing client relationships with AdviceTech

Learn why a greater focus on customer engagement could be a wise investment for your business.

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Learn the AdviceTech successful businesses are using

Take a detailed look at how the best advice firms adopt technology and use it to their advantage.

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UK AdviceTech

Lessons from the UK financial advice reform

Our special report on innovation in the UK, investigates what Australian financial advisers could learn from their UK counterparts and their advice reform - bringing you content from some of the worlds most sought after speakers on AdviceTech, innovation, practice management and leadership.

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