Planning beyond 2020

Now that the dust has settled on the changes made to super in 2017, it is time to begin planning for the future.

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Take some time reviewing the details of the client strategies discussed at the 'Planning beyond 2020' event with Netwealth's Keat Chew and Russell Investments in this resource centre.

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Guides and downloads

New rules, strategies and opportunities

Four strategic areas to implement for your clients to take advantage of the new super legislation.

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Managing a death in super

A helpful flowchart to consider when a client passes away in accumulation or pension phase.

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Key changes to the super system

This technical guide provides a summary of key changes to the superannuation legislation.

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Cycle of Market Emotions

Using the Cycle of Market Emotions could help clients recognise the potential pitfalls of investing and help them stay on track.

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Markets bounceback after shocks

See why in times of volatility the best thing for investors may be to stay invested and focus on the longer term goals.

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Standing at the cross roads

Compare the outcomes of an investor that has gone to cash and one that has followed their adviser and stayed invested.

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Powering adviser success – The value of advice

Russell Investments have prepared a report that looks holistically at what advisers do for their clients and the additional value they contribute to an investor’s portfolio. This report, provided in both and adviser and an end-investor version, is designed to quantify the contribution from the technical and emotional guidance a trusted human adviser can offer.

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Recommended additional reading

What will estate planning look like in 2020?

Looking beyond 2020, our technical services head Keat Chew said advisers should consider the prospect of small tax increases on superannuation earnings and lump sum payments.

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The super sleepers: Death benefits and estate planning

The $1.6 million Transfer Balance Cap, which came into effect on 1 July 2017, has ripple effects on estate planning and death benefits. Find out what you need to know.

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How are advisers faring with the super changes?

Months on from the super changes, Netwealth’s Head of Technical Services Keat Chew shines the light on what advisers are talking to him about. Find out what the issues and his tips.

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Commonly asked questions from the legislative changes

Keat Chew, Netwealth's Head of Technical Services, has been assisting advisers with the super legislation changes, and we've collated some of the commonly asked questions he's received.

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