BGL, Class and SuperMate datafeeds

Date: 05 September 2018

We have enhanced our BGL, Class and SuperMate data feed functionality so you can send financial data for all your clients on your code or for selected individual accounts. 

There are a few simple steps to follow in order to set up bulk or individual data feeds:  

Step 1: Ensure that you have contacted BGL, Class or SuperMate so that they are expecting a data feed from Netwealth.

Step 2: Download the data feed application form via your adviser log in. Tick the relevant box to manage data feeds in bulk or at an individual level.

Step 3:
 Submit the form to us via the document uploader at the top right of your adviser dashboard, or under activities and tasks. 

Step 4: Once the form has been processed by us, you will see BGL, Class or SuperMate as a provider under Business Settings > Data feeds > Settings. Here you will be able to search and select specific clients to set up a data feed for. 


Make sure to watch this space as we are continually adding new data feed recipients to this list. 



To learn more or organise a demo, contact us.