Outside the super square

2019 Netwealth national adviser roadshow.

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With change comes the chance to deliver better client outcomes

In March 2019 we toured Australia with Challenger and Invesco Consulting to present superannuation, retirement and communication strategies to over 650 advisers.

Discover some of the different thinking that was shared from the event.




Outside the super square

Netwealth's head of technical services, Keat Chew, shared four alternative super strategies, that go beyond transfer balance issues, to remind the industry that there is more to super than implementing the recent changes.

These included:

  • The First Home Super Saver Scheme
  • Small business CGT
  • Untaxed elements
  • Labor's proposed franking credit scheme.

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Article: Four light bulb strategies for super

Explore strategies to capitalise on the first home owners super saving scheme (FHSSS), the small business CGT concessions (SBCGT) and the additional “death taxes” that may be created by insurance payouts in super.

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Video: What is the key role for advisers around small business CGT rules?

Keat Chew shares what advisers should be doing to minimise the CGT and get the maximum amount into Super when their client is selling their small business.

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Video: What superannuation funds could be impacted by Labor's proposed franking credit changes?

Keat Chew explains what superannuation funds could be impacted by Labor's proposed franking credit changes.

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Outside the super square

This guide explores four alternative super strategies, to get you thinking differently about superannuation.

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Selling a small business

Steps to assess if a small business owner can benefit from the CGT exemptions and contribute to super.

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New rules, strategies and opportunities

Four strategic areas to implement for your clients to take advantage of the new super legislation.

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The changing legislative environment for retirement

Ahead of upcoming legislative changes on 1 July 2019, Challenger discussed challenges, opportunities and strategies for your clients presented by the following legislated and proposed changes:

  • The availability of “innovative” superannuation retirement income streams including Deferred Lifetime Annuities
  • Announced changes to the DSS means test assessment of lifetime income streams
  • The proposed “Retirement Income Framework” for super funds

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Article: Legislative changes to impact retirement streams

Advisers helping clients develop solutions for retirement income will be able to deploy “new tools from their kitbag” due to changes to the means testing of lifetime income streams.

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Video: What is the next big change impacting retirement advice?

Andrew Lowe, Challenger head of technical services, answers key questions on the changing environment for retirement income in this short video.

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Challenger Tech FAQ

New means testing rules for lifetime income streams rules are now legislated. Learn more.

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Adviser tools and resources

Challenger has a a range of valuable aged care and retirement incomes resources.

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Priceless: The meaning of value

Based on Invesco Consulting's 6-month study which included adviser interviews, investor dial-sessions and a survey of 1,000 investors, their Priceless Toolbox  aims to give you a better understanding of:

  • How to communicate fees in a confident manner
  • Resonating words, phrases and sequence of the value conversation
  • How to deliver on value to meet investors’ expectations
  • Do investors want low costs or high value? A one off financial plan or an ongoing financial advice relationship?

Priceless Toolbox

Find words that work when communicating value to investors.

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Article: Redefining the client relationship through language

Invesco Consulting have identified three distinct cries that clients expect help with from the financial adviser. Explore how using the right language can help.

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Video: Why do words matter so much in client conversation?

Scott West, head of Invesco Consulting, shares the importance of using the right language based on their research findings.

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Commonly asked questions from the legislative changes

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Thinking about the future? 

This rapidly evolving financial advice industry gives you a chance to do things differently – whether it be enhancing efficiency via new technology, re-evaluating a business proposition, or revisiting a current business structure.

We’ve developed a suite of resources to help you navigate this changing landscape – our Change/Chance Series. This selection of guides and articles delve into topics that are front of mind for advisers, now.

Learn how to clearly and succinctly articulate the reasons clients should engage your services or invest in the products you recommend.

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Identify the key criteria for assessing which dealer group you should join, and why price should be the least important factor.

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Benefits, challenges and tips for businesses looking to self-licence, along with how to to apply for your own AFSL.

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