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Key considerations when faced with the question of super and divorce

Relationship breakdowns are stressful and emotionally difficult times for those going through them. Under these conditions, it is easy to make poor financial decisions. This simple guide explains some of the key considerations when ...

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Diversification in Superannuation

This video examines diversification in Superannuation. We look at what needs to be considered depending on one’s stage of life and appetite for risk.

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Strategies: Super, divorce and helping your clients through tough times

Our technical team has put together a simple guide that will help you understand the key areas of consideration when assisting a client about their super who is going through a divorce. 

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Investment wraps and SMSFs, the ideal combination

SMSFs are very flexible and may provide access to many strategies and investments that traditional retail funds do not. However, to make the most of a SMSF, one needs current up- to-date member information to best inform strategic ...

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SMSFs: Avoid small mistakes with major consequences

Taking control of investment decisions through a self-managed super fund is empowering, but also requires a great degree of personal responsibility from each trustee.

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The super changes – your go to technical guide

This technical guide provides a concise overview of the recent (and proposed) super changes, looking beyond the concessional and non-concessional contributions changes.

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Winning in the new super era presentation

During our March 2017 Adviser Roadshow, Netwealth's Head of Technical Service, Keat Chew, presented on the super legislation changes and how they may impact your clients from 1 July 2017.

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Important account information regarding the 2017 superannuation reforms

In November 2016, the government announced some significant superannuation reforms.  Here we outline what the changes are, the action Netwealth intends to take, and the options available to assist you and your clients in managing ...

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New super changes, new planning opportunities

Watch a video recording or listen (podcast) to Netwealth's Technical Services team discuss the current superannuation landscape, exploring the ...

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Commonly asked questions from the recent legislative changes

Keat Chew, Head of Technical Services at Netwealth, has been assisting advisers with the super legislation changes, and here we've collated some of the more commonly asked ...

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How are advisers faring with the new super changes?

Months on from teh super changes, Netwealth’s Head of Technical Keat Chew shines the light on what advisers are talking to him about, the issues and the tips.

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The super sleepers - Death benefits and estate planning

The $1.6 million Transfer Balance Cap, which came into effect on 1 July this year, has ripple effects on estate planning and death benefits. Find out what you need to know.

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What will estate planning look like in 2020?

Small tax increases on superannuation earnings and lump sum payments are some of the estate planning changes that could be just around the corner according to Netwealth technical services head Keat Chew.

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What will the 2018 Federal Budget announcement mean for you?

Netwealth's Head of Technical Services, Keat Chew, analyses the 2018 Budget announcement - highlighting how it may affect you and your clients, and providing you with some key strategic considerations.

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Super contributions: New rules and key issues for June 30

Learn the new superannuation contribution rules you should be aware of and understand how they could affect your super savings. Nigel Smith, Netwealth technical consultant, discusses ahead of June 30, 2018.

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Thinking outside the super square

Our last two roadshows were designed to help advisers implement the most significant super changes in a decade. This year, we’re thinking outside the super square and exploring four new technical strategies.

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If an SMSF is no longer for you, wind it up

Labor's franking credit overhaul will impact SMSFs in pension phase, if they win the 2019 Federal election. Find out the history of franking credits, why they are an important stream of income in retirement and what to do if you ...

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Can you take your SMSF overseas?

If you're moving overseas for longer than two years, you will need to decide what action to take with your SMSF. You can either appoint a power of attorney to act as trustee on your behalf or another option is to wind up your SMSF.

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The differences between super funds and SMSFs

Learn about the differences between super funds and SMSFs. Each fund differs in the way they manage compliance, regulations, and protection from loss or fraud. They also differ in their offerings, including investment choice, online ...

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Selecting the right type of account for your stage of life

There are many types of accounts to help you save for retirement. Selecting the right one can depend on your stage of life. You can choose to invest in a SMSF, accumulation account, transition to retirement pension or a standard ...

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