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A summary of our platform enhancements.

What's new

We are constantly looking at new way to enhance our platform to include a wider product offering, improved managed account service, better reporting, simplified transactions and more.

Below is a summary of our key product highlights. If you would like to learn more or to see them in action please speak with a BDM.

October - December 2023

Exclude advice fees on fixed income assets

We have introduced the ability to tailor your fee arrangements to exclude term deposits, term annuities, and cash account balances. Provide your clients with cost-effective income generating solutions.


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Simplified death notification and claims process

Streamline the administration process following your client’s passing with Netwealth’s new online notification system. Upon receiving your online notification, we suspend any adviser fees, cancel any ongoing contributions and reinvestment plans, and initiate the necessary paperwork for death claims. This aids in the smooth closure of accounts and processing of associated insurance claims during these difficult times.


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Enhanced bank account management

Experience a smarter way to manage external bank accounts with 'Bank Settings'. Easily link bank accounts to simplify the transfer of money into and out of Netwealth accounts. Store multiple standing direct debits for deposits and multiple nominated bank accounts for withdrawals. Securely add nominated and income stream bank accounts using two-factor authentication (2FA), allowing your clients to swiftly and securely approve any changes you make.


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iCapital partnership: New private market opportunities

Netwealth is excited to partner with iCapital, a fintech platform headquartered in New York, to broaden the scope of investment opportunities for your high-net-worth clients. This collaboration provides wholesale investors with access to private market investment options, such as limited partnerships and non-Australian domiciled funds, all accessible via the Wealth Accelerator non-custodial asset administration.


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Do more with Accelerator Core

Netwealth's low cost portfolio solution just got better with a refined administration fee of 0.15%^, more term deposits, a new cash fund, and expanded range of managed models.

With Super and Wealth Accelerator Core, you can build cost effective portfolios with access to over 60 investments, comprising managed funds, models, term deposits, fixed term annuities, and cash.


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^The 0.15% administration fee applies to account balances up to $750,000 and is subject to additional fixed and minimum fees. For complete fee details, view the disclosure document for Super Accelerator and Wealth Accelerator.

More investment choice with Accelerator Core

Your low-cost super and investment solution, Accelerator Core, now offers more options with the addition of BlackRock GSS ESG Screened Models and new offerings from Russell Investments. The BlackRock GSS ESG Screened Models apply passive ESG-screened investment strategies, while the expanded range within the Russell Investment Managed Portfolios now includes a High Growth and Geared 120 Model. These new offerings are also available through Accelerator Plus.


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Introducing the Netwealth Small Parcel Bond Service

Build a diversified bond portfolio into your income investment strategy with the Netwealth Small Parcel Bond Service, tailored for wholesale clients within our Wealth Accelerator Premium Service.

Netwealth leverages IAM's expertise as an ASX-listed specialist in income investment and provides access to domestic corporate bonds with a minimum investment as low as $50,000, well below the usual $500,000 minimum threshold.


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July - September 2023

Simplified access to Challenger's fixed term annuities

Empower your clients to navigate economic uncertainty with a range of Challenger Fixed Term Annuities. Choose from a range of terms spanning 1 to 5 years, with rates typically higher than those of comparable term deposits. With a seamless application process, you can purchase fixed-term annuities directly via Super Accelerator and Wealth Accelerator, just like you would for other investment options. This eliminates the need for separate Challenger quotes and applications.

Challenger Fixed Term Annuities are available now for purchase through the Netwealth platform with rates updated weekly.


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Innovate and automate with Netwealth’s public APIs

With Netwealth's new Public APIs, it’s now easier for developers to build software solutions for advice firms. An API, or Application Programming Interface, facilitates seamless data sharing and communication between different software applications. Our Public APIs unlock a trove of Netwealth data, enabling you to innovate processes and automate tasks.

Our Public APIs can be useful for AdviceTech software providers, licensees and advice firms wanting to automate their in-house processes, and Managed Account managers looking to automate the review and reallocation of their models. The range of Public API endpoints includes:

  • Account balances, holdings, and CGT information for clients
  • Advisers' funds under management
  • Profiles and allocations for managed account models
  • Asset information
  • More to be added over time...

For further information, visit our Knowledge Centre guide to get started or contact a Business Development Manager (BDM).

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For an in-depth and live look at any of our features, please request for one of our team to contact you.

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April - June 2023

Fast and convenient: our redesigned reporting suite

Streamline your workflow and save valuable time with our redesigned client reporting suite. Access these new client reporting features:

  • Create default report settings: Set your own default reporting preferences like performance calculation method and create reports with a single click.
  • Generate multiple client reports: Boost your productivity with background processing of reports and generate multiple reports at the same time.
  • Pre-set report periods: Save time with date pre-sets, including the last full quarter.
  • Favourite reports: Always keep your most-used reports at the top of the list by marking them as 'favourites'.


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Experience faster, more efficient deposits with Osko

We have integrated Osko payments, enabling near real time deposits from 85 Australian banks, any time of the day, and 365 days of the year. Funds deposited via Osko now appear within a Netwealth account almost instantly so they are immediately available for use.

View the Knowledge Centre guide for reference requirements for superannuation and EFT transfers made using Osko.

January - March 2023

Quickly identify your client's top performing investments

Our latest Return Contribution Report will help you understand the relative contribution each asset and asset class has to your client’s portfolio return and performance over a specified time frame. Quickly pinpoint your client's top-performing investments and those that lag behind.

For each asset or asset class understand:

  • Contribution %: The extent to which each asset contributes to overall returns for the period, calculated using a methodology consistent with daily Time Weighted Rate of Returns (TWRR)*.
  • Returns %: The return on investments, displayed as both a dollar and percentage amount, based on daily TWRR which are compounded for the relevant period.
  • Average portfolio weighting: Visualise the average weighting for each asset in your portfolio, in comparison to your total asset value (excluding cash).


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* The daily returns of each asset are weighted to derive daily contributions, then the daily contributions are added to obtain each asset's contribution for the period.

October - December 2022

Introducing Activities

Welcome to a new look interface to help you better manage your activities, tasks and alerts assigned to you and your team. Easily view, approve, manage, filter and archive activities for you, your team and clients.

Approve and monitor tasks assigned to you or your team: Manage over 20 tasks created by Netwealth for your office and clients, including corporate actions and expiring advice fee renewals.

Smart client alerts and reminders: Take action and avoid manual account checks with over 10 smart client alerts, including alerts for expiring term deposits and maturing annuities, minimum cash balance alerts, pending rollovers and purchases awaiting cash.

Client approvals made simple: Your clients will now use the new Activities area to approve or reject a range of adviser initiated transactions (such as adviser fee requests and change of bank details) when they login to their client portal.


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Add residential and investment property information to your clients' portfolio

You can now add residential and investment properties to your client portfolios to provide a more accurate picture of their total worth. You and your clients will be able to view this information in the client portal and mobile app, including property photos, estimated property values, along with the comparable median price.


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July - September 2022

Introducing bank and property feeds for mobile

Your clients can now build a complete picture of their financial wealth with Netwealth's client portal. In the one spot, track and monitor external bank, broker, and super accounts from over 200 financial institutions, alongside residential and investment properties:

  • View key details of external accounts such as available balance, outstanding loan amounts and interest rates.
  • Use graphs to track changes in the account balance overtime.
  • Easily add residential and investment properties via our search function.
  • Get the estimated property value, property photos and view the comparable median price and rental yield.
  • Edit property details via the app, including the current market value along with purchase details.

Improve client engagement, service levels and build trust with Netwealth's client portal and mobile app available on Apple and Android devices.


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Introducing the new Lonsec GSS Index Plus models

Netwealth has partnered with Lonsec Investment Solutions to offer investors a suite of diversified managed account models that leverage Lonsec's extensive research capabilities.

The models use a core-satellite investment approach, blending low-cost index funds with actively managed investments, with the intent to help reduce costs, control volatility and generate greater returns.

There are four Lonsec GSS Index Plus models. Each model typically holds around 9-14 investments, and are constructed using a range of growth and defensive assets such as Australian and global equities, property, fixed interest and cash. All models are backed by Lonsec's rigorous governance and review process.


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Netwealth + Xeppo Data Connector

The new Netwealth + Xeppo connector allows you to connect your Netwealth client data with Xeppo's intuitive data warehouse, and also their CRM and rich reporting capabilities.

Xeppo brings together client data from multiple data and system sources, over and above Netwealth, to allow you to consolidate and synchronise client information. Using the Xeppo CRM, you can then view Netwealth account data with other client data in a single interface, plus use other powerful CRM functionality to automate client engagement tasks and view data business and client insights.

Netwealth provides $2.5m of additional funding to Xeppo

Netwealth has also agreed to provide growth funding of up to $2.5 million to accelerate the ongoing development and expansion of the Xeppo data analytics and business management platform which supports the Netwealth “Whole of Wealth” strategy. Under the arrangement, Netwealth, which currently owns 25%, has an option to buy 100% of Xeppo over the next 4 years.​


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Best advised product five years running

You're in good hands, Netwealth has won the Chant West Advised Product of the Year for the fifth consecutive year. The award recognises funds that score well in Chant West's main criteria and have also invested in dedicated systems to help advisers manage their client base and access their client details.

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New online functionality for closing accounts

You can now close your client's Wealth Accelerator online without the need for paper based instructions. The online withdrawal process now allows for a full cash withdrawal with any assets redeemed and the account closed. ​

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For an in-depth and live look at any of our features, please request for one of our team to contact you.

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April - June 2022

Benchmark performance against Morningstar Target Allocations

Now client portfolios can be benchmarked against pre-set benchmarks or custom objectives. With the latest enhancements to Netwealth's client reports, you can select two benchmarks, selecting from 5 Morningstar target allocations, CPI or the cash rate. You can also create a custom objective by adding a fixed % rate of return above either the CPI or RBA cash rate. For example, a portfolio may be benchmarked against RBA cash rate + 4% p.a.

More reporting enhancements:

  • Time-weighted returns now available: You can customise the way performance is calculated by choosing between Internal Rate of Return or Time Weighted Return calculation methods.
  • Reports now at yesterday's date: Client reports are now generated up to yesterday's closing portfolio value, speeding up the time to run reports. To see live data, use the Portfolio area of the platform.
  • Income receivable breakdown now available: Portfolio Valuation and Asset Performance reports now include a breakdown of income receivable.


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Keep clients informed of market news via the Netwealth App

Enjoyed by over 8,000 readers, Netwealth’s Morning Business Roundup is a daily curated news feed with the latest market and company news.

It is now available for your clients using the Netwealth app, when you turn it on via ‘Communication’ located under Business Settings in the main menu.

You can also white label the Netwealth mobile App so it aligns with your branding.

Help your clients to stay informed of relevant market news whilst keeping your business front of mind.


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January - March 2022

Netwealth App now tracks insurance

Advisers and their clients can now monitor connected insurance policies through the mobile app. Insurance sums insured are displayed in charts and upcoming premiums can be monitored with calendar alerts. Users can even download a certificate of currency for group policies straight from the app.

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NAB Equity Builder as an alternative to margin loans

Netwealth is the first platform to offer NAB Equity Builder, a new type of investment loan that gives investors an alternative to a margin loan or home equity loan. NAB Equity Builder is a principal and interest (P&I) loan for purchasing managed investments such as managed funds, ETFs, LICs and SMAs. There are no margin calls and the loan uses the investments acquired through the NAB Equity Builder as security.

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Greater pension flexibility

We have several new changes and enhancements to how we manage pension payments, offering greater flexibility in how and when pension payments are received. The key enhancements include:

  • Multiple payment frequencies - Pension payments can now be received at a weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual frequency
  • New payment dates - A date can be nominated when the first pension payment is to be received and subsequent payments will be received at the client’s selected frequency thereafter
  • Negative cash payments - Clients with insufficient available cash balance can now receive their pension payments on time if they hold sufficient liquid assets.


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Enhanced mobile app features

We are releasing improvements to the mobile app every month. Here are some of the latest adviser and client enhancements:

  • View Portfolio Balance, Portfolio Balance History and Asset Price History chart data for up to the last 5 years
  • New filters for multiple account holders - Filter consolidated holdings for cash and unit holdings of assets held
  • View client personal details, and initiate calls to clients via their registered mobile and fixed line numbers.

Log into or download the app at the Apple Store or Google Play to find out more.

BlackRock GSS Index Plus funds available in Accelerator Core

Netwealth's diversified index based funds, formally known as the Netwealth Index Opportunities funds, have been relaunched. BlackRock Investment Management (Australia) Limited have been appointed as the investment manager and the product names amended to reflect the change of manager.

  • BlackRock GSS Index Plus Conservative Fund (APIR NET0004AU)
  • BlackRock GSS Index Plus Balanced Fund (APIR NET0002AU)
  • BlackRock GSS Index Plus Growth Fund (APIR NET0027AU)

These funds are diversified investments that use strategic asset allocations and invest in underlying BlackRock managed funds and ETFs. The underlying investments are a mix of index, enhanced index and active strategies. The allocation to active strategies is used where the manager sees particular opportunities due to market inefficiencies and the potential to generate alpha. These funds are also available in Accelerator Plus.


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October - December 2021

ESG research at your fingertips with our new Morningstar ratings on managed fund profiles.

According to our latest research(1), 45% of Australian's aged 18+ say that socially responsible investing is an important consideration in their investment strategy or that they are willing to sacrifice returns / pay more for socially responsible investments. The challenge for them and for like-minded investors is to validate the authenticity of the investments they choose.

With this in mind, we are pleased to introduce ESG research and ratings on managed funds from Morningstar. The new ESG ratings available on our Compare Funds & Models page include:

  • The “Morningstar Sustainability Rating” that compares ESG risk across various managed funds within the same Morningstar Global Category.
  • A “Low Carbon Designation” to identify low-carbon funds across the global universe. The designation is an indicator that the companies held in a portfolio are in general alignment with the transition to a low-carbon economy.
  • “Sustainability info” that scores a fund on several ESG related considerations

We have also introduced a resource where you can access Morningstar's top-rated ESG funds across different asset classes.

(1) 2020 Advisable Australian Survey, n=1,616 people aged 18+

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New look login page in January 2022

We are upgrading and making the login process simpler and more secure with a new login page and password issue process.

  • Introducing password reset links sent via email or SMS for you to easily and securely reset your password
  • Adding a helpful real-time tracking guide for password requirements when setting up passwords
  • Removing the time-consuming Security Questions feature
July - September 2021

Custom asset classes for enhanced reporting

You can now define your own asset and detailed (sub-asset) classes to override Netwealth's default asset classifications. Giving you the ability run customised client reports and have online portfolios that reflect the asset allocation and terminology used by your practice.  For example, some firms may want to change "multisector" to "diversified" or create custom asset classes for investments currently assigned to 'other' or 'miscellaneous' categories.

Asset Classification is available now and requires licensee approval, contact your BDM for more information.

Your next-gen client portal 

Improve client engagement, service levels and build trust with Netwealth's new mobile app for clients.

With two in five advisers that use client portals benefiting from improved client engagement and client satisfaction* we are pleased to launch Netwealth's next-gen client portal, a mobile app for your clients. 

*Source: 2021 Netwealth AdviceTech Report, n=348 respondents

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ASX share trading has a new home

It is now easier to buy and sell investments through Netwealth via our updated investment order pad.

To save time and remove complexity, we have integrated ASX trading into one screen so you can trade ASX securities, managed funds, term deposits and managed account models in a single transaction.

  • Buy and sell multiple assets on a single screen.
  • See the impact that sale proceeds have on the amount of available cash for purchases.
  • View estimated buy and sell prices for assets.
  • View CGT impacts at a parcel level.
  • Save the buy/sell transaction prior to submission, for later approval by you or another person.


View how to guide

Faster execution of ASX share trades with Citigroup

We are pleased to announce our new partnership with Citigroup Global Markets Australia Pty Limited (‘Citi’) as our preferred platform broker for trading of ASX securities.

Citi is a well-established global equities trading business with a strong local presence in Australia, extensive industry experience and market-leading technology. Through our partnership with Citi, we believe financial advisers and clients will enjoy an even better trading experience.

As a result of this new partnership, we have refined certain platform ASX security trading rules:

  • Improved trading for ‘at-market’ orders - Previously, at-market orders were placed with a limit based on the market price as at the time the order is placed; sometimes this resulted in orders not fully being completed. Through Citi, 'at-market' orders are executed using Citi’s automated trading technology and will generally be filled more quickly and on the same trading day.
  • 'At-market' orders are now ‘day only’ orders. With faster order execution times expected through Citi, future expiry dates can no longer be specified for at-market orders.
  • For securities with a last traded price of $0.20 or less orders must be placed with an 'at-limit' price. This change is intended to reduce the chance of unexpected trading outcomes, which can occur when 'at-market' orders are placed for lower priced securities that can be subject to large price fluctuations, in percentage terms, during a trading day.
April - June 2021

Introducing third party access to client accounts

Provide a better client experience and service offering by sharing account information with your clients' professional support network.

Professionals such as accountants, stockbrokers, and mortgage brokers can now create a Netwealth Professional Third Party account and be given permission to view the details of your clients' accounts online. Providing them with a range of benefits including:

  • Manage multiple accounts - Read-only online access to view client account balances and portfolio holdings.
  • Download tax statements - Download past tax statements and use our tracker tool to view the latest updates for pending statements.
  • Run detailed reports - Generate a range of custom reports, including cash transaction history, un-realised capital gains, and performance reports. 

We've put together a guide on how to facilitate the creation of Professional Third Party accounts and how to provide client access. 


View guide

Streamlined client fee consent

Under the Financial Sector Reform Act 2021, new requirements for client fee consent begin from 1 July 2021.

To simplify the collection of advice fees for your business, we're building out new functionality and updating our process, including electronic fee consent options, embedded fee consent, and online tracking. 


View latest updates 

January - March 2021

Advice fee flexibility with fixed term fees

As part of our flexible fee management tools that help you manage fees and disclosures, fee updates, discounts and client release from fees, we are pleased to announce the upcoming release of our fixed term advice fee solution.

  • Customised term - Set a fee start and end date to suit your remuneration period.  
  • Flexible payment options - Charge monthly percentage-based account fees, or deduct flat dollar fees on a monthly, quarterly, or half yearly basis.
  • Smart alerts - Stay on top of expiring fees with dashboard alerts for individual accounts.
  • Expired fee reports - Run bulk fee reports across your entire client base to determine expiring fees.
  • Online renewal process - Renew fixed term fees without the need for signed paperwork, where clients with online/transact can approve fee proposals online.

Get help with Live Chat 

With Live Chat, you can chat with a Netwealth customer service representative using instant messaging from your desktop, eliminating the need to call us.  Get answers to your questions from a real person in real time, during business hours, 8:30am to 5pm AEST.

  • Multi-task and quicker resolution - Continue working whilst we respond to your questions via live chat. Your live chat session will also remain open and visible as you navigate through different areas of Netwealth’s website.
  • No verbal security questions - As you are already logged in when you start a live chat, we have already validated your details.
  • Keep file notes - Request a record of your live chat interactions with Netwealth.
  • Avoid repetition - Avoid repetition and jump back into old live chat enquiries. We have all the information so you won't need to repeat yourself.
  • Get an answer from a real person - A Netwealth consultant will respond to your query with no automated chatbot responses.


Other important enhancements

  • Save in-progress applications - You can now save an application in-progress and retrieve the application in the future.
  • Enhanced performance reporting - The Asset Performance report now provides a breakdown of the total return for the period based on asset classes.
October - December 2020

Manage off-platform assets with XWrap

Almost 3 in 5 advice firms manage 25% of their clients' investment and super portfolios externally to the platform ('off-platform'), with a further 20% managing over half of their client's portfolio 'off-platform'*.

This creates the reporting challenge of getting a true understanding of a clients' portfolio, as well as the additional administrative overhead of using workaround systems when entering and managing external data. 

XWrap is Netwealth's solution to change this. We've simplified the process for recording 'off-platform' asset data for a client, including unit price history, income, fees and other transactions. We've also enhanced our reporting suite so you can use it to view XWrap data consolidated with Netwealth accounts or as stand-alone.

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Optimise tax outcomes with CGT preferences at an account level

Instead of having to select preferred tax options for each parcel sold, you can now set a preferred tax option for sale at an account level. You can choose from First In First Out, Last In First Out, Maximise Gains or Minimise Gains methods for CGT calculations. This can be set via Client Details > Account Settings > Tax Preference.

Redesigned annual super statements

We've refreshed the look of our annual super statements to give your clients a clearer view of their super account. The new design features:

  • charts & graphs
  • portfolio performance indicators
  • grouped transactions
  • a checklist that highlights missing important personal information
  • and other enhancements to make the statement easier to use.

Other important enhancements

  • Determine the CGT impact before making an asset sale: In addition to setting tax preferences, the CGT tax impact can be viewed prior to sale on the Switch webpage, Trade Proposal PDF and Trade Summary PDF.
  • Streamline BPAY payments to the ATO and ASIC: Scheduled payments to the ATO and ASIC will no longer require two-factor authentication from clients.
July - September 2020

Sell managed funds without disrupting asset allocation

With our new 'Pro-rata' sell option you can set a fixed total sales amount and the selected managed funds will sell down at the percentage they are held. Go to Buy & Sell assets>Switch assets and select 'Pro-rata' from the drop down in horizontal calculator at the top.

See the total value for a specific category of cash transactions

A “Transactions by type” summary has been added to the Client Cash Transaction Listing Report to show the total value of each transaction type for a chosen date range. 

Do more with Accelerator Core

We are expanding our Accelerator Core investment menu over the next 12 months, and are pleased to announce these first release strategies: 

Other important enhancements

  • Apply a dollar cost averaging plan to managed models: During periods of volatility you may find it beneficial to buy managed account models over an ongoing or fixed period of time. With this enhancement you can invest in all managed account models in this fashion, instead of a one off transaction. Go to Transactions>Cash managements>Dollar Cost Averaging >Click 'Add managed account investment' button
  • Customise managed account settings in Accelerator Core: You now have the ability to substitute and exclude assets held in a managed account model within Accelerator Core, as well as set investment and rebalance preferences. Go toTransactions>Managed accounts>Profile.
  • Asset sale from an in-specie transfer renamed "Internal Transfer": Naming convention updates throughout the platform, including the online cash transaction listing and report, plus the welcome/exit statement.
  • Easily view any outstanding term deposits, frozen asset sales awaiting confirmation: A new section has been added to Pending Transactions.
  • Enhancements to client access settings: For clients with multiple accounts, you can now set either transact and/or browse only for each account they have. This is useful if you are managing investments in one account with the client administering them in another.
  • Updated information in the trade contract note: Transaction details for investment parcels is now included in the Proposal and Trade summary report.
  • Be notified when a child model drifts within a Parent model: You will be emailed when a child model within a parent model drifts outside its allocation when using SMART. You can also monitor this with the SMART model of models report.
  • Cancel scheduled BPAY payments: Cancel future scheduled or recurring BPAY payments.
  • See the likely date when a managed fund will settle: Indicative confirmation date for outstanding buy/sell managed fund orders are now included in Pending Transactions
  • See the details of Corporate Actions not yet confirmed: Information on corporate action not yet confirmed are now included in Pending Transactions
  • My Statement design enhancement: Cover page added plus layout improvements
  • Filter managed funds and models available in Accelerator Core:New filter available in compare funds and models
  • ASX live pricing now every 10 minutes: ASX prices are refreshed every 10 minutes rather than every 20 minutes
April - June 2020

DocuSign generated e-signatures now accepted

We now permanently accept Docusign generated e-signatures for many Netwealth documents, in addition to accepting drawn electronic signatures from any provider.

To take advantage of this:

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Updated My Portfolio report

You can export a summary of a client's holdings and configure the information shown in our updated Portfolio report.

To configure and download:

  1. Choose a view, which will determine the layout of the report
  2. Select if you want capital movement included the report
  3. Click the print button to download the report

Speak with a BDM for a demo

Other important enhancements

  • Keep track of pending international share trades with the addition of two new statuses:
    • Entered - We have received your order
    • Submitted - Order has been submitted to broker for execution
  • Performance fact sheets available for the Netwealth GSS Funds in Compare Funds and Models
  • Send financial data to a client's SMSF via a SuperMate data feed.
  • For managed account holders, there's a new first page in the 'Asset Performance Detail' report that shows the indicative return simulated based on a $10m investment to help better understand a managed models performance.
  • Find out which clients have been approved for BPAY payments by running the 'Supplementary account details' report.
  • View those Wealth Accelerator clients that need to provide a TFN or ABN to prevent tax from being withheld by running the 'Client List' report.
  • View transaction narrations for EFT deposits: Narrations included in EFT transactions are now viewable in the 'Transaction listing' report.
  • View your total investment in an asset class: A new row has been added to the 'Asset Performance - Detail' report that sums the asset values for each asset class.
  • The managed account planner tool now outputs 2 new columns: CGT column (only super accounts) & Gain/Loss column, for both Transfers In & Transfers out of the managed account.
  • We have decommissioned the Current Assets report, and added a new option for the 'Portfolio Valuation' report to include/exclude the 'Cost' and 'Movement'.
  • A new row has been added to the 'Asset Performance - Detail' report that sums the asset values for each asset class.
  • We have decommissioned the Current Assets report, and added a new option for the 'Portfolio Valuation' report to include/exclude 'Cost' and 'Movement'
  • Export your clients' portfolio's holdings: Download a 'My Portfolio' report from the client's portfolio holdings page to view the current holdings in the account. The report is configurable to how you chose to categorise the asset information on this page. 
  • Better understand managed account performance: For managed account holders, there's a new first page in the 'Asset Performance - Detail' report that shows the indicative return simulated based on a $10m investment.
  • Display the asset allocations of a managed account you are invested in: You now have the option to show the target (ideal) portfolio of investors in a managed account by selecting 'detail as the output option for the 'Portfolio Valuation' report. 
January - March 2020

Make payments with BPAY®

We've introduced BPAY to supplement our Pay Anyone functionality, providing another easy and convenient way for Wealth Accelerator clients to make one-off or recurring payments through their Netwealth account.

You can also schedule payments and save biller details.

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® Registered to BPAY Pty Ltd, ABN 69 079 137 518

Monitor the Australian market with our refreshed ASX Live data centre

Our redesigned ASX Live data centre can help you stay on top of the local market:

  • Get a comprehensive summary of the current market
  • Access detailed charts for individual stocks
  • Create watchlists and set alerts
  • Easily view the latest announcements and news

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See your clients' total wealth with third party (off-platform) bank and super data feeds

In addition to 170 banks and credit unions, you can also include bank feeds for:

  • Super funds
  • Credit unions
  • Broking accounts
  • Share trading accounts
  • Frequent flyer memberships

A client can add a bank feed to their accounts through My Accounts on their Dashboard by selecting Add account>External account.

Speak with a BDM

Other important enhancements

  • Additional third party data feeds (external share trading, super and frequent flyer accounts)
  • Sorting and filters added to Switch (buy/sell) page
  • We have increased the number of forms and documents which we accept digital signature for
  • Ironbark added as external responsible entity for managed accounts
  • Watershed and Russell Investments added as model managers
October - December 2019

Enhanced trading of managed funds and models

We have revamped our Buy/Sell functionality giving you the ability to:

  • Buy and sell assets on a single screen, so you can use the sale proceeds for purchases.
  • Manage capital gains or losses through the selection of individual parcels for sale.
  • Make trading decisions easier with estimated buy and sell prices.
  • Save the transaction prior to submission for approval by another person.

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Other important enhancements

  • Added new asset class classifications and investment limits
  • Section for Power of attorney added in online applications
  • Ability to pay an ad-hoc adviser fee immediately
  • Remuneration report notice on my tasks
July - September 2019

Client reporting updates

We've added new reports and capabilities to help you see a better picture of your client's position:

  • Indicative Income report which predicted income for assets held in the account, based on historical asset data.  
  • Portfolio valuation reports have the ability to look through to underlying asset allocations for managed funds
  • Calculate your portfolio returns net or gross of fees and costs
  • Ability to split alternative investments from other investments
  • PDF trade confirmations for ASX and international shares

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Other important enhancements

  • Managed account income available in pay to bank option
  • Integrated with FactSet to improve managed account reporting
  • Alternative investments asset class added to reports
  • Add model portfolios for reinvestment in Cash Settings
  • Adviser notifications when Partial SuperStream rollover without enough cash
  • Reports can be downloaded in CSV format
  • CGT rewrite provides an updated format for their Realised Capital Gains data,
  • Document storage library allows the ability to securely access documents from external providers
April - June 2019

Challenger Annuities available on Netwealth

To help your clients during retirement we teamed up with Challenger to provide access to annuities:

  • Access a range of Challenger annuities at the same rates as going direct
  • Access a range of Challenger tools and resources
  • Quote and apply for a Challenger annuity via the Netwealth platform
  • View annuity policy details alongside other assets online
  • Also available to clients who do not have a Netwealth account.

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Other important enhancements

  • Netwealth Managed Account Service (NMAS) launched to simplify adviser and client investment experience
  • Trade confirmations made available as a PDF
  • Browse only clients can accept ad-hoc fees
  • Browse only clients able to edit personal details
January - March 2019

Streamlined transfers between super and pension

Our super transfer tool helps to remove any guesswork from pension to super account transfers (or vice-versa):

  • Form pre-fills with details already on the account, with the option to override
  • Validations help users fill in requirements
  • Multi-use super transfer tool facilitates multiple strategies.

To use, select a client with a super or income stream account and navigate via the main menu to Activities and Tasks > Transfer Between Accounts. Follow the prompts and download the transfer documents for client sign-off. 

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Other important enhancements

  • New managed funds and models added
  • New adviser report showing managed account customisations such as rebalance suspensions
  • Browse only clients able to update bank details online
  • Enhancements to the Family Fee Linking Tool allowing clients to link admin fees for their accounts if they are with different adviser representatives
  • Automatic pricing of bonds