Netwealth AdviceTech Special Report

Get insights into must-have, high adoption tech services advisers currently use, in addition to disruptive technologies that are not yet being adopted, but are expected to have a significant impact to the advice industry in the next 5 years.

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AdviceTech set to open doors for advice

Netwealth Joint Managing Director Matt Heine shares what innovations from Silicon Valley are likely to impact the Australian financial advice experience. 

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AdviceTech’s changing their status

A handful of front office AdviceTech tools are set to quickly change their status from emerging technologies to mainstream. Here are the five key technologies advisers said they are looking to implement in their business by 2019.

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Advisers hold high hopes for technology

AdviceTech has the hopes of the advice industry on its shoulders to help tackle perennial issues such as consumer perceptions and accessibility. Can it live up to the hype?

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How to enhance your business with AdviceTech

Automating processes, focusing on the customer experience and taking advantage of external expertise is saving advisers time and enabling them to enhance their business proposition - find out which technologies advisers are using.

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AdviceTech Report - key charts

We’re delighted to share our library of charts from the inaugural Netwealth AdviceTech Research Report, where you can freely use these images in your reports and presentations.


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Glossary of advice technologies

View a summary of 24 adviser technologies, highlighting key tech providers, along with technology descriptions, features and benefits to advisers. It also covers technology uptake, and anticipated usage in the next 18 months. 

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Integrate and assimilate are technology must-dos

Cameron Cogle, General Manager of Bridgeport Financial Services explores the challenges many advisers face when adopting new technology, and the importance of company culture in its successful implementation.

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An age old theory updated with technology

According to Moneysoft founder Peter Malekas, the most successful advisers make the commitment to technology, taking the time to dismantle their current approach and look at how they can rebuild it with its inclusion.

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Technology not the holy grail

Working for tech start up TipRanks, Sean Ickowicz encounters the highs and lows of technology. He delves into the unrealistic expectation that technology can fix all. Advocating it is simply one part of an overall solution.

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Innovate and keep doing so

SuiteBox CEO, Ian Dunbar, shares his views on technology and how it provides advisers the tools they need to outsource processes so they have the time to focus purely on the client via advice, coaching and support.

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AdviceTech – toys or tools?

Sebastian Mazza, founder of Wealth Depot is passionate about  providing innovative wealth management solutions. He believes the relationship between advisers and tech is a predominantly positive one, but is yet ...

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Remote but super connected

Shaun Clements founder of North of River Financial, implements cutting edge technology into his processes and practice to keep relevant and accessible to his (predominantly generation X and Y) clients.

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Purpose built business with technology

Having recently established his financial planning business, Forwood Planning, John Forwood highlights the importance of technology when optimising business processes within smaller scaled advice practices. 

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Know it, value it but tread carefully

Kristopher Meuwissen, Financial Adviser at Ability Financial Planning, shares how he leverages technology to both educate and work with advice clients, delivering efficiencies in the business and better client service and outcomes.

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