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The link between AdviceTech and staff satisfaction

Too often the impact that technology has on the staff of a firm – on the people who live with the technology day-to-day, who implement it, who grapple with integrating sometimes disparate technologies, and who apply it in a practical sense within a business – is overlooked. The 2022 AdviceTech Staff Experience Report reveals that AdviceTech has an effect not only on the advice firm itself but on the people within the firm – and in turn, how the people within the firm relate to AdviceTech has a clear impact on how they serve clients, and therefore on client satisfaction. As in previous reports, we will benchmark firms overall against our AdviceTech Stars, so we can learn from them.


Key insights on staff and tech

Firms agree that there is a strong link between good technology, its implementation and staff satisfaction. Here are some key insights from our 2022 AdviceTech Staff Experience Report indicating their beliefs.

Staff satisfaction is linked to AdviceTech usage

86.8% of advice firms agree that improved staff satisfaction leads to improved client satisfaction. However, only one in 10 (11.1%) say their staff are very satisfied with their business’s technology systems.

Technology helps firms to recruit and retain top talent

More than half (53.8%)of advice firms agree that having great technology helps them to recruit and retain top talent.

Working from improves productivity and job effectiveness

Over half (57.4%) of advice firms say that working from home has improved the work/life balance of their staff, and mental health (35.6%). Productivity of staff has also improved for almost half of all firms (46.7%).

An integrated tech stack improves staff satisfaction

Over three-quarters of firms (78.2%) believe an integrated tech stack improves staff satisfaction and leads to improved teamwork and collaboration within the business. However, less than one in 10 firms (6.9%) describe their technology stack as ‘a highly integrated system of technologies.’

Staff training should be part of tech implementation

Only one in 3 advice firms (35.6%) believe their staff consider themselves masters of the AdviceTech they use. With six in 10 (59.4%) firms looking to hire more staff in the next 5 years, training new staff on tech is critical.

AdviceTech has benefits for staff and the business

Advice firms recognise the many benefits of technology go well beyond productivity. Around three-quarters of firms believe that well-implemented AdviceTech leads to improved teamwork and collaboration, and over 60% of firms believe it can lead to happier and more engaged staff, as well as improved mental wellbeing of employees.

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