AdviceTech Roadmap Workshop 

Activities and tools to help you prioritise and develop an AdviceTech roadmap for your business.

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Develop your AdviceTech roadmap with these tools

Our AdviceTech Roadmap workshop is a 90-minute team activity designed to help you prioritise technology solutions and develop an AdviceTech roadmap for your business.


What's in the toolkit

This workshop includes:

Workshop leader guide: A helpful guide on how to run a smooth workshop, tips to inspire your team and what materials you will need.

Workshop presentation: The primary reference point for the workshop, it outlines and explains all exercises and activities. 

AdviceTech worksheets: These worksheets provide a description of each AdviceTech and space to write benefits to your business and changes required to implement.

AdviceTech prioritisation matrix: This matrix helps to prioritise AdviceTech based on its 'value to the business' vs. 'ease of implementation'.

2020 AdviceTech research report: Pre-reading to get the team in the right frame of mind for the workshop. 

How it works

Exercise 1: Examine the potential impact of AdviceTech

Step 1: Split into two teams. One group takes the Customer Journey worksheet and the other takes the Back-office worksheet.

Step 2: For each AdviceTech listed (on the back-side of the worksheet), spend 3 minutes completing the table, identifying the benefits and changes required to the business.

Step 3: Take a Prioritisation matrix poster and plot each AdviceTech in one of the four quadrants.

Exercise 2: Present and prioritise AdviceTech solutions

Step 4: Nominate a team spokesperson and stick your Worksheet and Prioritisation Poster to the wall.

Step 5: Share your analysis with the entire group, encouraging discussion and feedback.

Step 6: Get get the next team to present, and again have a group discussion.

Step 7: As a group, decide on the top AdviceTech to prioritise for the business to work on immediately.

Step 8: Nominate a champion/s to research AdviceTech providers and next steps.

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