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How to transition family-owned business

Learn from David Smorgon OAM, CEO of Pointmade, as he guides you through the process of transitioning a family-owned business, sharing his experiences from Smorgon Consolidated Industries, one of Australia’s largest family businesses.

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Lessons in leadership, management and family advisory

David Smorgon OAM, CEO of Pointmade, shares his learnings from his experiences with family-owned companies and saving the Western Bulldogs football club.

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The human dimension of family business succession planning

Learn the skills to play an effective part in family-business succession planning.

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What does the coronavirus stimulus package mean for you and your clients

Keat Chew, Netwealth Head of Technical Services, examines the Federal Government's stimulus package to simplify what matters most for you and your clients.

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The business opportunity of estate planning as a core service

Explore why financial advisers are well placed to capitalise on the commercial opportunity of building a dedicated estate planning offering.

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Are you maximising the government's COVID-19 financial aid for your clients?

Keat Chew, Netwealth's Head of Technical Services, shares strategies on how to take advantage of the government's COVID-19 financial packages and how to prepare for when financial assistance and loan moratoriums are turned off.

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How to evolve to goals-based advice

Fraser Jack, Head of Partnerships at Advice Intelligence, discusses the fundamental differences between traditional advice and goals-based advice and how to turn this advice philosophy into a methodology for your business.

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Beyond Grandfathering - The future growth paths for Australian advisory firms

Hear from Jim Stackpool of Certainty Advice Group, as he explores changing valuation and pricing models, what advice propositions will dominate the industry and business performance benchmarks in the post grandfathering era.

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