2018 Netwealth AdviceTech report

In this report we examine the twenty-six technologies used by advisers in their practice – their adoption, benefits and key suppliers.

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About the report

The second Netwealth AdviceTech research report shines a spotlight on the technological future of the Australian advice industry and the fundamental role of the customer experience. This report shares our survey findings and also provides tools to navigate endless technology solutions. This report is designed in three sections:

Section 1: Keeping up and getting ahead

Understand the technologies gaining industry traction and benchmark your business against your peers using usage and adoption rates across 26 AdviceTech categories.

Section 2: An eye on the horizon

Use a simple tool to prioritise AdviceTech using a popular framework called Three Horizons.

Section 3: AdviceTech glossary

A glossary of all 26 AdviceTech categories covered in the survey including features, benefits and main suppliers.


Download the 2018 AdviceTech report


Offering frictionless advice with AdviceTech

Frictionless advice is about making advice a seamless experience, a prevailing expectation of consumers thanks to the likes of leading customer experience businesses such as Airbnb and Google. Removing friction in your business leads to greater customer satisfaction, more advocacy and less risk of disruption. These articles explore the many technologies that can assist in removing friction in your practice across varying touch points of the customer journey.

Frictionless advice in the future

Your customers expect the same frictionless experiences they get from companies like Amazon and Netflix.

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Platforms - the original fintech

Platforms continue to evolve as specialist providers gain a bigger slice of the pie. Understand the trends shaping the industry.

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Why advice businesses shouldn’t be afraid of AI

Artificial intelligence technology combined with a human touch may just be a turning point for advice businesses.

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Scale up your practice with scaled advice

Discover the many benefits of scaled advice and how it can assist in keeping clients in your ecosystem.

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How client feedback can change your advice business for the better

When was the last time you booked a restaurant without viewing online reviews? Learn about the power of online reviews.

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How cash flow and budgeting tech can boost your business

Can this technology be the key to engaging your customers with their everyday finances?

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RegTech: Enabling better compliance, faster

RegTech is looking to to revolutionise compliance. Samantha Clarke CEO of Advice RegTech discusses how close we are?

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Glossary of advice technologies

26 adviser technologies - a detailed look at key features, benefits and major suppliers.

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American AdviceTech

Lessons from the US

In May 2018, Netwealth, in partnership with Adviser Innovation, hosted a delegation of financial services leaders to New York to learn from their American counterparts. In this report we highlight the key themes of the tour and bring you content from some of the world's most sought after speakers on fintech, innovation, practice management and leadership.


AdviceTech landscape

Your guide to AdviceTech suppliers across 26 categories.


AdviceTech glossary

Features, benefits and main suppliers of 26 AdviceTech categories

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