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Strategies from our team of technical experts to help you get the best outcomes for your clients.

Technical guide: Outside the super square

Four light bulb strategies for super

Explore strategies to capitalise on the first home owners super saving scheme (FHSSS), the small business CGT concessions (SBCGT) and the additional “death taxes” that may be created by insurance payouts in super.

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Is this the end for SMSFs?

Various changes over the past several years have impacted SMSFs. This webinar explores the factors and circumstances in which the benefits of SMSFs may be outweighed by regulatory burdens and the general costs of maintaining one.

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Selecting the right type of account for your stage of life

There are many types of accounts to help you save for retirement. Selecting the right one can depend on your stage of life. You can choose to invest in a SMSF, accumulation account, transition to retirement pension or a standard ...

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The differences between super funds and SMSFs

Learn about the differences between super funds and SMSFs. Each fund differs in the way they manage compliance, regulations, and protection from loss or fraud. They also differ in their offerings, including investment choice, online ...

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Legislative changes to impact retirement streams

Advisers helping clients develop solutions for retirement income will be able to deploy “new tools from their kitbag” due to changes to the means testing of lifetime income streams, according to Andrew Lowe, Head of Technical Services ...

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What will the 2019 Federal Budget announcement mean for you?

Netwealth's Head of Technical Services, Keat Chew, analyses the 2019 Budget announcement to determine key action points for financial advisers and their clients.

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2019 Federal Budget summary

We've summarised the 2019 Federal Budget into key findings and changes that are likely to be most relevant for financial advisers and their clients.

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Super contributions: New rules and key issues for June 30

Learn the new superannuation contribution rules you should be aware of and understand how they could affect your super savings. Nigel Smith, Netwealth technical consultant, discusses ahead of June 30, 2018.

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What will the 2018 Federal Budget announcement mean for you?

Netwealth's Head of Technical Services, Keat Chew, analyses the 2018 Budget announcement - highlighting how it may affect you and your clients, and providing you with some key strategic considerations.

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How are advisers faring with the new super changes?

Months on from teh super changes, Netwealth’s Head of Technical Keat Chew shines the light on what advisers are talking to him about, the issues and the tips.

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New super changes, new planning opportunities

Watch a video recording or listen (podcast) to Netwealth's Technical Services team discuss the current superannuation landscape, exploring the ...

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Outside the super square

This guide explores four alternative super strategies, to get you thinking differently about superannuation.

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