Commission management software

Discover the top suppliers of commission management software used by wealth professionals, and learn how advice firms are using this technology.

What is the most popular commission management software?

Commission management software is used to manage rules-based revenue, commission payment and remuneration.

A great commission management software can benefit your advice business in a number of ways. In particular, commission software can improve back-office efficiency when creating, consolidating and distributing payments or statements to clients and other stakeholders.

Research from the Netwealth 2021 AdviceTech Report shows that the top suppliers of commission management software used by wealth professionals and financial advisers include: Commpay 60.2 per cent of advice firms), Worksorted (16.2 per cent), Revex (7.9 per cent), PayLogic from AdviserLogic (4.7 per cent) and Microsoft Excel 2.6% per cent).


Netwealth's 2021 AdviceTech Report

The 2021 Netwealth AdviceTech Report explores six major opportunities and crucial technology trends that advice firms should consider as they evolve their client value proposition and enhance their customer experience.

How are advice firms using this technology?

Currently, 54.9% per cent of advice firms use software to manage commissions.

A further 12.1 per cent are looking to use a commission management software in the next 24 months.

Almost half (41.8 per cent) of advice firms use a commission management software weekly, while almost a third (32.6 per cent) do so monthly.

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