Cultural trends

Learn strategies to take advantage of the latest shifts in consumer behaviour.

The case for responsible investing

The case for responsible investing is growing, with growth opportunities abounding for investors. In this feature we explore the how advisers can better understand responsible investing and how to go about setting an investment ...

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Four megatrends coming to responsible investing

Decarbonisation, food, housing, and electric vehicles are four major themes in the world of responsible investment. Find out how to gain exposure to these megatrends and integrate them into a responsible investment portfolio.

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Advising to Generation Y - The Emerging Affluent

Discover a playbook on how to attract, manage and retain the Emerging Affluent - younger, well-educated, mostly professional Advisable Australians with tremendous advice potential.

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The Emerging Affluent and how Netwealth can help

In this guide, we discuss how The Emerging Affluent clients represent tremendous potential as financial advice clients both now and in the future. They are largely Gen Y, over half in senior or executive ...

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How clients are reacting to uncertainty and how best to deal with it

Drawing on CoreData's just completed research Andrew Inwood shares insights into how Australian investors are reacting to the coronavirus uncertainty and how advisers can best support clients in this environment.

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Adapting to change: How to future-ready your practice

To help you adapt and benefit from future trends, Jason Andriessen, managing director of Coredata, explores what you should be doing to position your business for growth and success.

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The experimentation experience: Why variety is the spice of life

A movement has emerged as technology develops and provides access to options previously unavailable - a movement where consumers are looking to trial more and commit less.

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Help me feel good: Informed customers with guilt-free goals

Doing good has become part of brand strategy as consumers across the globe look for ways to make an impact with their buying choices. Here's how you can provide the same with your offering.

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How spiritual enlightenment can shape your approach to clients

You might notice your social feeds blowing up with yoga, mindfulness and inspirational posts about finding meaning in life. But what’s the connection for financial advisers and your clients?

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Taking on the trust deficit with actions to build confidence in customers

Trust is a commodity that companies covet. Gone are the days of blind confidence and loyalty based solely on brand familiarity - it's all about doing what you promise.

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Why the rise of the female matters to your advice business

The rise of the female gives you an opportunity to take a new approach at empowering female customers, and to build financial literacy into service offerings for every audience.

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The future of ESG and impact investing - Richard Brandweiner

With the appetite for responsible investing continuing to rise in popularity and importance among investors, Richard Brandweiner - CEO of Pendal Australia, discusses what advisers need to consider for their client's portfolios'.

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Australian investor trends every financial adviser should know

Discover how 1,000 Australian investors are managing their portfolios and their views on investment advice, emerging investment themes such as ESG, and the effect of technology on investing.

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How to build an offer for Gen X&Y

Gen X&Y will soon make up a majority of the Australian workforce. Discover what your offering should look like if you want to attract more of this demographic.

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Attract, retain and advise Gen X&Y clients

Explore the changes your business can make to better attract, retain and advise the Gen X&Y market with Steve Crawford, founder of The Advice Movement

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Advised v DIY investors - Who are better off?

Discover some interesting findings about advised and DIY investments, and how generational gaps play a part in decision making.

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Making sense of the average Aussie

The Census 2016 data gives advisers a great profile of the average or typical Australian. Who is the average Aussie and is your business positioned to help them in the future?

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Taking advice to all Australians

Bernie Ripoll, author of the Ripoll Report, outlines some of the challenges he sees facing the industry and urges financial planners to begin preparing for them now as the industry enters an era of massive disruption and change.

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